Requirements for School Year 2004-2005

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1.) Fill out enrollment pak.

Available: fax, email, snail mail, in person and online at

2.) Pay enrollment fee.

per year per family. Due at enrollment.  Reenrollment due on or before July 1st..

3.) 140 days of school each year.

You may have as many as you like.

4.) Keep attendance record.

Mark each day you have school on attendance record which we provide and return to Hope Academy at end or your school year or by July.

High School Diploma

and Transcripts


We do have Diplomas  and Transcripts.  You must turn grades into Hope Academy to receive.  You must allow at least two weeks.

We do have dual enrollment for high schoolers at College and are in process of getting more.  If you are interested in please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Any questions or concerns?


Please remember if you want a High School Diploma this year to give at least two weeks.  We must have grades and attendance first.

You may turn in attendance at anytime now, anyway you like(email,  fax , or snail mail).

You must be reenrolled on or before

July 1st..   Yes you may reenroll when you turn in your attendance.

First time enrolling?

Email us with following info.



Phone number


and fax if possible

We will get you enrollment pak asap.  Get it back to us with money order.

You are enrolled!   Its that easy!

Email or fax 256.634-9309