Hope Academy Welcomes You To Home Schooling!

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Welcome Friends to Hope Academy and Home Schooling!

Welcome to School Year 2008- 2009

We are now taking enrollment for school year 2008-2009.

You may now enroll and reenroll online at new site www.alabamahomeschool.org

We welcome all!

Reenrollment is due July 1st.

Please go to our new site.


We are here so you can focus on your homeschool and not your cover school. 

We do not require a statement of faith.  We welcome all.

How much does it cost?

We will cover your entire family for a reasonable enrollment fee

 of only $125.00 per year per family.  This covers two children or ten.

Enrollment fee for one child is $100.00

Enroll one child now



We firmly believe every parent has

the right to teach their child

anything,anytime,anyway they choose.

We provide legal covering for the entire state of Alabama.Mississippi.Tenn.Fl.and Kentucky.
Attention All Enrolles
At enrollment your superintendent is notified of your enrollment with us and within 10 days. It usually goes out the same day it is received by us. We have always done this for you to make it easier on you. This year for some reason alot have wanted the super., the school they attended, truant officers and even school counselor to be notified. Please understand your state laws. We will no longer notify anyone other than the super. which is state law. The parent may do so if they want.